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I'm insane! My period is crazy again, I think it's due to stress. For a bit I thought I was prego, but alas, no.

I think it's due to hubby, but I can't really get into that right now.

I had my second interview today. I feel SO UPTIGHT it's INSANE.

The interview went very well. I said everything right, we all got along.

I thought they'd call today with a job interview ... they want to hire someone asap!!!

So I thought, okay ... today then. I never was called. I did send a thank you note though. I was supposed to interview at 11, but couldn't due to my class. So I got there around 12:45 and left around 1:15. I don't know if I was the first interview, or the last? I assume I was the first? I think there was someone after me.

SO I am very uptight about it, the job it at my church. So I don't know if I got the job and tomorrow I go to church. So if I didn't get the job I'm going to feel like a fucking loser at church. I'll probably stop going because seriously, I am the best fit for this job. I have EVERYTHING they need! I mean down to a T.

So I'm very upset about it, if I don't get this job I am going to be VERY DEPRESSED. Seriously. I haven't been applying to that many jobs lately because there really hasn't been any and also I've been holding out for this one.

I had a lot of good signs. Though we did NOT talk salary, I really don't think they talked that with anyone. They seemed to have a set list of questions. We had jokey jokes throughout the interview and just good times. I had a lot of positive vibes, well until the day grew on and I realized they weren't calling, then I freaked because I wondered if they ... called someone else. THEN I thought, at least, they can send me a Dear John letter about how I didn't get the job.

SO I GUESS no news is good news. I sent my thank you letter a couple of hours ago, and the guy is tied to his email. So I reckon ... he'd tell me?!??!?!?

I read how job searching is really like having temporary OCD. I entirely believe that, I feel like I have OCD ... I cannot get my mind off of this, even though hubby keeps saying he thinks they'll call Monday.

I got the feeling I was the first interview as well - or the second. I know there were 4 or 5 others.

I guess I'm just so upset because they didn't call me today. I would assume they'd let the person - to start MONDAY because the person in the job last day is Wednesday.

So as you can tell, I'm in a massive snit. I really, desperately need a job right now. I really, wish they'd tell me tomorrow? Or something ... but only if I got it. I think if they tell me face to face, I'll cry, literally.

I just felt the interview went very well ... and it'd going to be a huge let down.
I know I shouldn't put all my eggs in one basket, and I really didn't, but damn! I KNOW I can do this job and I really do want it.

I'm SO frustrated.

6:50 p.m. - 2010-03-27


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